Purpose 162: Todd Furneaux: Adkaddy and Product Creation

God-given gifts can often be the inspiration for our entrepreneurial leaps of faith when we decide to leave a steady job with a safe work environment and a regular paycheck, for a job that focuses on, and is dependent on, those gifts.

We’re going to talk to someone who did just that. Todd Furneaux is the special guest I’d like to introduce you to today. Todd spent over a decade being a merchant for Home Depot’s corporate office in Atlanta, buying and selling its products, working on advertising, and although he enjoyed his job, he understood it wasn’t for him in the long term. He knew that God had gifted him with the ability and desire to work with his hands, building things from scratch. He decided to use this creativity in product development. Listen in as we go over how he got his start in developing a luxury line of coolers and drink-ware; his latest product, Adkaddy; and a product development overview, including product-market fit, the development cycle, and customer retention.


Are You Real

And Todd’s products:

Luxury coolers and drink-ware: Sovaro

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