Purpose 146: Eyes Wide Open with Brian “Head” Welch

When do you hear God the most? For Brian “Head” Welch, he hears God best in the times of resting, waiting, and stillness. He’s part of the band, Korn, which has sold over 35 million copies, 41 singles, and 2 Grammy awards—all since 2012.

Brian’s journey includes almost two decades of partying, drinking, drugs, and being “drawn to the darkness.” As the hard living took its toll on Brian’s mental health and relationships, he says he “had it all,” but felt completely empty, unfulfilled, and lost. One night he walked into a church, and it was the song, “Majesty” that spoke to his heart.

He prayed to God to take his addictions away and started on the path to turning his life around. Brian shares his favorite verses, how he left the music business for a time, and his latest work on a documentary movie with his daughter. He says the most important thing in his life right now is spending time with the Lord and finding intimacy with God.

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