Purpose 144: Follow You Anywhere with Kristian Stanfill

As a worship leader and songwriter, it’s vital to write and sing from that real and authentic place for which people are hungering and thirsting. Kristian Stanfill is Worship Pastor at Passion City Church in Atlanta, and the Worship Leader at the Passion Conferences. Passion’s latest album, Follow You Anywhere, was recorded live at their church and released in January. Kristian describes the album as a “different project” that covers many of the same themes common to their music, like living a surrendered life, proclaiming the cross, and exalting Jesus. Kristian refers to one song from the album,” I’ll Follow You Anywhere,” as the heartbeat of Passion’s message. He says the song, “Bigger Than I Thought You Were,” calls people to be honest and vulnerable, and he describes what it’s like to sing “dangerous lyrics” like these. Kristian explains how he has hit mountaintops and valleys in his life, and just like the rest of us, he always needs something to call him back to the goodness and faithfulness of God–and that’s what the music does. Kristian shares why it’s important to say YES to Jesus daily and why Passion is involved with the ENDIT Movement, dedicated to helping free those in sex slavery. He says, “God is calling us to something eternal and something bigger than ourselves.”


Find Follow You Anywhere at Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Vimeo, and more.

Find the CD at Lifeway and other Christian retailers.  Find out about Passion’s upcoming tour!   Find out more about ENDIT Movement.

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