Fit 10: Mental Health And How It Affects Your Overall Well-Being With Christy Austin

Mental health is a huge buzz word in our culture these days, but many people in the church are still grappling with how to look at mental health practices from a spiritual perspective. Our brains might seem distant or even disconnected from the health of the rest of our bodies, but the opposite is true! When we are not taking care of ourselves mentally, we are not reaching our fullest potential for our physical health. My guest, Christy Austin, is here to share her godly perspective on mental health, and how we can improve our overall well being.

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Christy is a psychiatric therapist with a heart for the church. Though she is not a Christian counselor, there are many secular studies and practices that we as believers should apply when managing our mental health. Today, you will learn why your mental health is important and then gain some wisdom about how to go about fortifying it.

More in this episode:

    • Learn all about Christy’s history and experiences with mental health.
    • All about art therapy.
    • Christy is not a Christian counselor, but God uses her in mighty ways.
    • Physical activity can improve your mental health.
    • Christy wants to start with natural ways to boost mental health and then try medication.
    • Christy’s keys to staying mentally healthy.
    • Engage in a right brain activity to pull fear out of your brain.
    • It is important to renew your mind with the Word.
    • There is a mental component to increasing our physical activity.
    • We need more mental health plans in our high schools and churches.
    • Discover Christy’s parting wisdom.

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