Creative 03: Holy Ghost Art with Darren Wilson

Welcome back! This show is all about touching base with creative leaders in the church culture, and that is exactly why I have a trailblazer like Darren Wilson here with me today. Darren is doing amazing things to change the way Christians view and use film to communicate our inherent creativity. You see, Darren has a real problem with much of the art that is released in Christian circles. So much of it, he says, is ruled by fear. We fear it will anger or marginalize. We fear we might misrepresent God. Darren is encouraging you today to take a step out in faith and create something as if fear wasn’t in the picture. His films are proof of that.

Darren produces and now directs with WP Films. Each project since day once is seen as a chance to push himself creatively. No project begins without some kind of leading from the Holy Spirit. Films like Finger of God and Holy Ghost are creative explorations that push the limits of where Christian cinema has dared to go before. With each project, Darren has explored the darkest parts of the world, prayed with countless people, and seen miracles happen before his very eyes. All of this was possible because Darren believed God’s promise to lead by his Spirit. You’ll want to follow in his footsteps after this!

“God is looking for partners to do work alongside him.”

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More in this episode:

  • Darren gives us his background in film.
  • Charismatic Christianity wasn’t a part of Darren’s history, but it birthed Finger of God and changes so many lives.
  • How Darren moved from scripted films to Spirit-led films.
  • We can, in a sense, negotiate with God.
  • God takes pleasure in our creativity.
  • You have to be fearless to push creative boundaries.
  • What Darren did in filmmaking that was certainly outside the box.
  • There need to be new ways to get people to see the films.
  • What’s next for WP Films.
  • Why Darren films in the darkest, most interesting places.
  • It doesn’t have to be spontaneous to be prophetic.
  • When to expect Finger of God 2.


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