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Fit 06: Your Health – Spirit, Soul and Body

If you are going to live a healthy life, you have to take care of your body, your soul, and your spirit. This week, I want to set us off on a three-part series that will change the way we think about taking care of our spirit, soul, and body. Jumping right in, let’s talk about how we can nurture and feed our spirit by looking at the words the world uses to describe health and applying them to things in the spiritual realms.

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Fit 05: Unconventional Ways to Transform Your Health

In this episode of Are You Real Fit, Kasey Fuller talks with Dr. Freeborn Mondello about transforming your health. Dr. Mondello shares tom unconventional advice that can dramatically improve your health. Dr. Mondello is a lifelong learner who has completed extensive specialized post doctoral training with a focus on developing the skill sets to achieve the best outcomes in the country

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