Purpose 134: American Omens – The Coming Fight for Faith


Today’s show features a glimpse into the mind of Travis Thrasher. As a fiction writer of novels ranging from love stories to supernatural thrillers, Travis has focused on his writing full-time for the past 11 years. He’s written over 50 books, including many collaborations and memoirs with notable people from various walks of life. One of Travis’ favorite inspirations from scripture is God’s message to Moses: “Don’t forget what I’ve done for you.” Travis endeavors to live out this theme in his life and work, always remembering what he’s learned, and to pay attention to what God wants for his life. Travis gets real about some interesting details of his writing, including algorithms and smartphones, and how they play into future technology—and biblical prophecy. You don’t want to miss Travis’ encouraging message about living without regrets and letting God truly be in control of your life, so you can KNOW who you are, what you should do, and why you should do it. Join me for this inspiring conversation with Travis!


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