86: Stepping Out into What You Love to Do with Eric and Shane Valenstein

Starting a church is a huge responsibility. How do you know if you are called to lead a church, let alone a brand new one? If you are a young person who is feeling called, how can you plant a church with no money? If these questions seem too big, just wait. We have a lot of good things in store for you!

We all have a lot of ideas about what church should look like, and starting a church is one of the many ways God is moving in his people. Church planters are bringing the gospel right to the people, and that is so exciting to me! Today, I have not one, but two church planters with me on the podcast. Eric and Shane Valenstein are brothers, pastors, and now church planters. They also host the excellent podcast, Not Your Mama’s Christian Podcast. I was on their show about a month ago from this recording, and we had a blast. On Not Your Mama’s Christian Podcast, they share life, they have stupid arguments, and they share the gospel. It’s everything the future of the church should be looking towards.

Today, we try to tackle some of the fine points of finding your calling. Shane and Eric will tackle how to determine if church planting is your calling. Maybe it’s time to dip your toes in and give it a try. It might surprise you how doors open up! We’ll also discuss how the New Testament church in the Bible is so drastically different from what we see today. The face of the church needs to change, and church planting is a huge part of that! Get ready and dig into everything you need to know about starting a church, as well as finding out ways to get involved with all the great things Eric and Shane are doing.

“You recognize a calling by trying things out and seeing if it fits.” 

More in this episode:

  • Hear why Eric is planting a church this year.
  • Shane planted a church two years ago, and it has changed him dramatically.
  • Learn why Eric and Shane were both called to church planting.
  • You recognize a calling by trying it.
  • Why there is a passion in these brothers for church planting.
  • There is a need to reach people through church planting.
  • The church needs to start owning up to our failings.
  • Learn what the New Testament church in the Bible was like.
  • Eric and Shane try to be as authentic and vulnerable on their podcast as they are in the pulpit.
  • I want to raise up future generations to change the way we think about church.
  • Hear all about Not Your Mama’s Podcast.
  • What Eric and Shane are the most excited about.


Not Your Mama’s Christian Podcast


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