51: Living Your Best Life at Your Maximum Potential with Allergic II Average’s Matt Le

Would you like to leave this world one day, knowing that you were really here? This is how today’s guest, Matt Le, feels about his life. Not for his own benefit, but for the name of Jesus Christ. He loves everything about making people feel better, adding value to their lives and shifting their way of thinking. In fact, he’d like to dedicate his whole life to doing that the best way that he can. Listen in to find out about what he does.

Matt is an innovative entrepreneur in Motivational Speaking from Amarillo, Texas. He’s the founder of Allergic II Average, a movement and a brand that grew out of his deep passion for empowering others to pursue their best selves and maximum potential. He’s twenty-four years old and he’s been married to his high school sweetheart for five years. Listen in now to find out more about Matt and his way of empowering people.

Show Highlights: 

• An inspirational scripture that he’s lived by for the last two years- Romans 12:2, about a new way of thinking.

• His journey- starting his brand Allergic II Average, who they deal with, what they focus on and why people love it.

• What the message that he shares through Allergic II Average looks like.

• What it really takes to be successful in business.

• How he reached his lowest point in his life and how God helped him to find his way back.

• Really believing in and trusting God.

• His biggest strength in the work he does with people.

• That consistency is key, but it’s hard to remain consistent.

• The biggest thing that God is stirring inside of him right now.

•  Awakening the average to a new way of thinking.

•  Co-creating – something that he’s starting to promote a little more, with his brand.

• A book that Matt recommends- How To Think Like Einstein by Scott Thorpe.

• The advice that he’d give to a younger version of himself.



Matt on Instagram: Matt Le54

Allergic II Average on Instagram: @allergic2avg

Allergic II Average website:

Book: How To Think Like Einstein by Scott Thorpe


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