Purpose 114: Pioneering A New Vision For Your Life


On today’s episode of Are You Real purpose, host Jon Fuller, interviews Michelle Gomez. Michelle is the author of the book Own Your Brilliance. In her book, Own Your Brilliance, Michelle talks about being an imposter survivor in the work force, and how she learned to overcome that. Now, Michelle helps others discover purpose, and operate out of a place of grace, and gratitude. Michelle says when she was able to breakthrough, and show up in her own life, and career she was able to begin coaching others to achieve their own level of brilliance. Out of this experience she began to get a vision, and she wrote her book. This has helped Michelle turn the tables, and begin pioneering a new vision for others struggling with the same issues. She says “Surrendering the need, and letting God work it out is a big lesson for me.” “It’s okay to be human.” In this episode she talks about her life, business, and the journey that has allowed her help others find true purpose, and satisfaction in not only life, but in everything you do.



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