Government 02: The 7 Mountain Strategy

What does it mean to stand at the top of the government mountain? Am I talking about a literal mountain or something else entirely? The people have spoken; I have listened, and now we are going to get a 10,000-foot view of the 7 Mountains. Each represents an area of our society and culture where leaders rise and influence the world we live in. I’m talking about our Religion, Arts and Entertainment, Business, Media, Education, Family, and, of course, Government. For good or for bad, the leaders at the top of these mountains have such an influence over our daily lives.

I believe that we can bring the Kingdom of God to fruition on this earth by spreading God’s truth into these spheres of influence. Yes, we can change the entire world by transforming the 7 Mountains. More than any of the other areas of influence, the Government Mountain carries a high level of attention and power that cannot be denied. When we are smart with how we leverage our influence with God, we can win favor with those already at the top of the Government Mountain.

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God is bringing his Kingdom here on earth. I want you to understand how to use your talents and gifts atop the Mountain to make that happen. God is moving! Be a part of the movement.

The seven mount strategy.

  • We want to influence the people at the top of the 7 Mountains.
  • Understand what goes on in each of the mountains.
  • What I believe a government should be.
  • How the other mountains have been recently impacted by the last election.
  • Why the Kingdom is concerned about the state of our government mountain.
  • Why I think the overlapping of spheres of influence led to Trump’s election.
  • Taking our lessons from the parable of the talents, and the minas.
  • We are about to receive a wealth mentality.

Download the Seven Mountain Strategy PDF Graphic here!


Lance Wallnau

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