37: The Naked Truth with Jason Vallotton

Jason Vallotton and his wife are Pastoral Care Overseers at Bethel Redding and serve the church in many capacities. Jason is a sought-after counselor and speaker. He previously served as overseer for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He’s author of The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness and co-author of Moral Revolution. Jason currently serves on the board of Moral Revolution.

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • Why you should do more for people than tell them “go pray about it”
  • What it looks like to “give something to the Lord”
  • Where Jason’s passion for people started
  • How Jason’s Father really affected his life and love for serving others
  • What can happen in some marriages and what you can do to try to stop it
  • When Jason finally felt like he was back to being himself
  • What does it look like to fight from victory
  • Jason’s strong points in counseling
  • How should we really forgive?
  • What Jason would tell his younger self if he could go back in time

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The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness
Moral Revolution
Working Through Pain
Daring Greatly
The Gifts of Imperfection
David and Goliath
Spiritual Warfare
Bethel Church

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