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The $5,000 CYCLE

  My BSSM pastor told us about someone who was given $5,000 and then we prayed as a group for those of us who would like to see Jesus do it for us. I stood up, because I needed to see that desperately in my life. A few days later a
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Brother to Brother – Family Testimony

  Surprised to see my brother calling so early in the morning, I picked up. “Hey Man! What’s up?” I’d been praying for my whole family for three years and cheap jerseys believed God would touch them powerfully but never expected to hear what he launch was about to tell me.
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Gifts-Talents-Hardwork- And You

          Whenever I think of hard work and talent, it makes me think of college football. I was fortunate enough to play on a scholarship at a division II school. Believe me, there was talent in abundance. I saw guys from all over the nation that were bigger, faster, and better
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