80: Michael McIntyre Shares a Preview of Are You Real Business

Michael McIntyre is one of the most enthusiastic, go-getting, money-producers out there today. He loves people, loves business, and loves Jesus. He’s part of our team and our new platform that launches in January. We are building a unified body to go and change the world together!

“Sometimes we, as a church, take ourselves way too seriously.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Michael’s path: the USAF, then the insurance business and the development of marketing and sales strategies
  • How Michael helped build over 200 millionaires, wrote a book, and then surrendered to Jesus 10 years ago
  • Michael’s other companies and his work as a coach for Christian entrepreneurs
  • Bringing business ideas to the Christian community
  • Addressing the myths about Christians in business
  • What Michael is most excited about with our new program: Building a custom program that people can use
  • Main takeaways for listeners, including how to deal with debt and advertising
  • Michael’s biggest challenge for 2018? Saying NO!
  • The biggest challenge for the world in 2018? The geopolitical circumstances, from Main St. to Wall St.
  • Why Michael has no New Year’s resolutions, just goals, including developing a Netflix show about his training
  • Something you don’t know about Michael: He would love to do stand-up comedy!
  • What we hope to accomplish through the new show that launches in January:
    • Being a different kind of show
    • Helping your bank account
    • Helping you to be a Christian leader in the marketplace
    • Tackling controversial issues

Resources: Check out Michael’s brand new e-course!

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