70: Life, Relationships, Business, and Making It All Work

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What comes first in your life? Is it your work? Is it your time with the Lord? Today, the special guest on the show is Kasey Fuller, Jon’s wife. We are talking about managing your time and prioritizing your life so that God and your relationships come first. Listen to the 70th episode to learn more!

Stick to the core value of “growing in love” with your spouse and the Lord .

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Jon and Kasey make things work in their marriage/relationship
  • What prioritizing your life looks like
  • How to maintain relationships with other people and the Lord
  • Difficulties in parenting and how Jon and Kasey deal with them
  • Main stresses and how the Fullers get through that
  • How to deal with people who are less organized that can get in the way of your routine
  • Stressors that a lot of women deal with
  • The difference between hard working and working yourself too hard


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