23: Finding Your Specific Purpose on this Earth with Rusty Pang

Rusty Pang is a psychological Sherpa. Using a combination of psychological tools and counseling techniques, he challenges the sacred cows in your life that keep you stuck. Co-founder of Entrepurpose, he and his business partner, Brian Laprath, have created a proven system to discover your God-given purpose. They believe that you are here for a reason; that reason can be known and that reason can be lived.


Listen to the episode as Rusty also discusses:

  • Why Rusty calls himself a “psychological Sherpa,” helping people navigate the mountains to find their God-given purpose
  • The journey to HERE: How Rusty recovered from 13 years of “ugly” and anger at God
  • Rusty’s all-time low: 6-12 beers each night to drown the pain of life
  • How Rusty found real purpose on 9/15/15
  • “Elevating perspective and empowering purpose”
  • How Rusty’s purpose statement became an anchor
  • Why depression continued for Rusty
  • Rusty’s book, which is full of tools to have success
  • How to “fix” your life
  • Rusty’s advice to his younger self: “I’d probably slap myself for all the years of stupid! I’d say that it’s ok, even though your life will be rocked. You’ll come out on the other side. Don’t forsake and miss loving people.”
  • Rusty’s parting advice: “Get back up when you fall, no matter what you face. Don’t give up!”Resources:www.entrepurpose.comFind Rusty on FacebookEntrepurpose by Rusty Pang and Brian LaprathLiving Forward by Michael Hyatt

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2 Responses to “23: Finding Your Specific Purpose on this Earth with Rusty Pang”

By Ken Varner - 22 November 2016 Reply

Thank you for sharing this broadcast! I can so relate to Rustys journey! It sounds like he has walked the journey I am walking now! The only difference is he has found his purpose and I am still wondering around in the sea of struggles. For me, most of my challenges is the thought of failure. I believe in Romans 8:28.

By Jon Fuller - 30 November 2016 Reply

I would love to work through this with You Ken. Your a great guy with A huge heart. I think you’re much closer than you think and way too hard on yourself.

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