03: New Ways of Thinking About Community Building with Scott Caldwell

Scott is an entrepreneur who has a passion for introducing new ways of thinking coupled with structure and frameworks to promote growth for non-profit and community minded organizations.  He is a devoted husband and father to, what he terms, “his girls”  Misty (wife), Macey and Marlee.  Scott is a lover of life that tries to make everyday meaningful in his life and the lives of those he comes into contact with.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Scott is a home-grown Texan going down an unexpected path.
  • How his passion as an entrepreneur in the business world allows him to help non-profits and community-minded organizations
  • How Scott has already helped raise MILLIONS of dollars for organizations, and how he dreams of going international with his business one day
  • Scott turns to Philippians 4:6-7 for inspiration, especially when he feels the stress and anxiety of running a business.
  • A favorite quote of Scott’s is: “The day is over and I’m leaving the office with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. What have I achieved?”
  • How Scott’s work gives a great sense of purpose as he touches many lives through the organizations he helps
  • How Scott stumbled upon this business, with each step on the trajectory leading him into work with local governments and non-profits
  • Scott says the best thing about his day is working with people who are passionate for a cause; this gives great meaning to what he does.
  • Of the Seven Mountain culture, Scott focuses primarily on the business mountain.
  • In a nutshell, he helps organizations set up the framework for raising money, being effective, running at an optimal level, and growing their impact.
  • One of Scott’s biggest challenges is the trap of people-pleasing, of caring TOO MUCH what others think about him. This has given Satan a stronghold over him at times.
  • Scott realizes that he is totally dependent upon God, and nothing else, being used as a vessel for His service.
  • How Scott has learned not to seek his validation in other people or material things
  • The pivotal moment for Scott was when he shifted in his business from working with local governments to non-profits. Seeing lives touched let him know THIS is the right thing.
  • How Scott has realized that his “ministry” is everywhere and in everything he does
  • What is your biggest strength? “Administration and mercy—these are exactly the gifts I need to do what I do.”
  • What is your biggest weakness inside that strength? “Being impatient with people! Wanting everything to happen NOW and not realizing that it’s a process.”
  • What is God stirring up inside of you right now? “In the last 1-2 years in helping others, I’ve realized that ministry is not limited to the pulpit or to church work. Ministry is in everyday life.”

Kung Fu Round Questions:

  • How do you share the gospel in your everyday life? “My goal is for every person I contact to SEE the difference in me and want to know what it is. I want them to know that it’s God who makes the difference.”
  • What daily habit do you have that contributes to your solid walk with God? “I have a quiet time every morning. I read the devotional, Jesus Calling; I read scripture, pray, and take time to seek God. When I enter my office every day, I hit my knees and give my day and my business to God.”
  • What meaningful book have you read recently? Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy
  • What resource have you found helpful that you can share with our listeners? “It’s not one resource in particular. It’s to never stop learning. I have a goal to read two books each month—educational material that helps me grow.”
  • What advice would you give to the “younger” you? “I would speak to myself at age 21 and say, ‘Grow up a little bit, man! Don’t seek validation from others, but go to God. He is the ONLY source of true validation’.”
  • What parting advice do you have for our listeners? “Wake up every day and LIVE it. Have a passion for what you do. If you can’t, then figure it out, find it, and start LIVING it!”


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