Linked 01: What’s My Identity

I believe the church is having an identity crisis. The reason: because we, God’s people, are having an identity crisis. My name is Christy Austin, and my heart is to link together the people of God with the Spirit of God. Here on Are You Real: Linked, I want to bring to you the Truth from God’s word so that we can root ourselves in our faith and grow the church from the inside out.

“The church isn’t an organization. The church is me and you.” 

Here’s the key question: Where do you find your identity? Is it in your job, marital status, hobbies, or political viewpoint? Why do we spend so much of our lives chasing after identity, only to come up short again and again? It’s because we are looking in the wrong places. In the very first episode of Are You Real: Linked, I want to show you how to stop chasing your life’s worth outside of your faith and start seeing your identity as God sees it.

Let’s learn together what the Bible says about our community. The only way to truly find our identity, and by extension, the church’s is to be linked with the Holy Spirit. Let’s reconnect ourselves to the Spirit so that we can then reconnect with one another. Today, I break down a familiar passage from Luke 10 that exemplifies how the early church rooted their identity in what truly matters. The challenge is a large one, but the solution is right in front of us. Let’s tune into what the Holy Spirit is teaching us—together.

Show Highlights:

  • I share my story and my journey to finding authentic faith.
  • When we are in the Holy Spirit, there is no distance from God or from one another.
  • Each voice in the Are You Real Podcast is authentic and real.
  • Churches are not growing anymore.
  • It is time for us to leave the church building and go into our communities.
  • We want to link together to heal and restore hope to the people around us.
  • Media is a huge way we can shift our culture.
  • Lessons from Luke 10.
  • Let’s break down the word “sent.”
  • Identity is the image of the one sending us. Jesus gives us our identity.

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