Creatives 01: Growing as a Songwriter to Serve and Minister in the Local Church with Zach Dietz

On Are You Real: Creative, I want to connect with creative individuals from every discipline and perspective. God has given us the ability to create, and we as believers can build one another up in that gift. Each guest I interview on the show will share how he or she uses creativity to worship God. I choose each guest specifically for their ability to encourage all of you listening.

My very first guest is none other than my own brother, Zach Dietz. Zach is a songwriter, musician, worship leader, and incredible father. I am fortunate to have a brother like Zach. He and I have been inspiring one another in music since we were very small. Today, however, I ask for the practical ways in which he has grown as a songwriter. Zach will share with you his unique perspective that sets his music apart from the rest. The ministry he does as the worship leader of Evergreen Church is truly inspiring.

Zach brings about a purity and simplicity to songwriting that I know you will all want to know about. His passion for the local church reminds me that our creativity is meant to bless others in the present, and will glorify God for eternity. He is worthy of our worship, and Zach will show you today how to write songs with excellence. Listen to this episode for a powerful, Spirit-filled journey to making wonderful worship music.


Show Highlights:

  • Zach gives us the rundown of who he is and what he is involved in.
  • Learn why Zach has just now hit his stride as a songwriter.
  • Key takeaways for you if you are interested in writing songs.
  • Why it is important to sing and worship.
  • Thinking outside the box is the key to Zach’s success.
  • Zach teaches others everything he knows about producing and writing music.
  • Using the “Rule of Three” in songwriting.
  • Finding where the presence of God is in a song.
  • Zach shares what he thinks is different from what everyone else is doing.
  • Influence and the local v. global church.

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Connect with Zach:

Instagram and Twitter @EvergreenMusic_

Instagram and Twitter @ZachDietz

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