The $5,000 CYCLE


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My BSSM pastor told us about someone who was given $5,000 and then we prayed as a group for those of us who would like to see Jesus do it for us. I stood up, because I needed to see that desperately in my life. A few days later a girl in my class came in with a similar story of having received the exact same amount of money. When she shared her miracle with us, I said, “I take that for myself!” It wasn’t more than a day later that I received $5,000 into my account! And, shortly after that I received an additional $1,000! I told my story of receiving the money the next time our class met and again people stood up in faith to receive the miracle. I boldly stated in faith that this would be a continuous blessing over them and our group. After I shared my story and prayed over our class another guy received $5,000 a few days later! Even as you read this you can say “I’ll take that for myself!” God is so, so good and wants to love and bless his children.

-The following is an insert from Increase (Catalytic Stories)

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