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Are You Real?

For the last 16 years, I have been served in many different areas of ministry, and have been an active church member. During this time I have had many different life experiences, and also have observed some choices that have affected others lives for good and bad.

These experiences have helped to shape me into a person who can see from many different perspectives so to speak, and recognize the common struggle that every person seems to contend with.

Through my own journey over the years, although unique to me, there is a common theme that most people just don’t know who they really are or what they were created to do. When you live a life without vision and purpose you are unable to live a life congruent with Who God has created you to be.

What you end up with is a bunch of Christians walking around with a lot of head knowledge about love, salvation, redemption, and maybe some Kingdom ideas, but are not actually empowered to live it out. “Practice what you preach”, goes the old adage.

It’s time this all changed! I have complained about this myself for years and even been on the sidelines pointing the finger. NO MORE! It’s time to be the change, and see a generation rise up that wants to be real, authentic, and live life on purpose.

Please join with me, each week as I interview people that are making a difference in the seven cultural mountains. These include; Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Business, and Arts & Entertainment.

I’m ready more than ever before to see a shift in our culture as others take steps to discover their gifts, and be catapulted into their destiny. You are going to hear amazing stories about how others have found their purpose and are making a difference in the world around them. I can’t wait to hear your story unfold as well!

About Me:

Jon Brandon Fuller here, the founder and host of Are You Real “Finding the authentic you”. This is a podcast where I have real, raw and authentic conversations with Christians that are changing their families, communities, cities, and nations.

I am extremely blessed with a beautiful, encouraging wife and 3 kids that bring me loads of joy and laughter. I am a devoted husband, father, and entreprenuer that has chosen to make a difference in the lives of those around me.

It has taken me 16 years to understand, and receive God’s healing, restoration, and find the “REAL” me. I am still in the process of walking that out daily. Just like most people, I have had many set backs and struggles. Statistically, I shouldn’t even be where I am today, but I believe in living a life that is on purpose.

It is by God’s grace that I have found my purpose, discovered my gifts, and I’m learning to sharpen my skills. I am the voice of manifestation. What does that mean? I’m calling out the gifts and talents in other people so they will be equipped to walk in their destiny and calling.

I am the gift finder. I know God created you with gifts and talents to change the world and people need to experience the greatness in YOU! It’s for His glory when you walk in everything He created you to be. I say this with confidence, because it something I have seen unfold in my own life.

Let me just say, I have never been more excited about this new journey I’m embarking on, and If you’re ready for a change you’ve come to the right place!


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Jon and Son

Jons Kids again

Jon Fuller and Wife

Family Photo of Jon Fuller




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