Purpose 149: Shocking Beliefs of the Great Christians with Frank Viola

Why do we as Christians allow ourselves to be divided over our beliefs? Why do we live with so much hypocrisy? Frank Viola addresses these issues and more in his new book, ReGRACE, in which he calls out the “bipolarism” of Christianity. Frank is a bestselling author whose mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know Him more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. He shares his “head-on collision with Jesus Christ” at age 16 and how a crisis came at age 23 when he realized “there must be more” to following Christ. Writing about his discoveries led to his first book, published in 2008, and he went on to write over 20 books about problems Christians face. In this conversation, Frank address toxic Christianity, which results when Christians take themselves too seriously, and how our personal convictions shouldn’t be grounds for ripping people apart. He discusses the marks of a false teacher, some surprising facts about Charles Spurgeon, and why he regrets not starting his blog and podcast much sooner than he did. Frank wraps up by recounting the advice of Jim Rohn about the importance of the five people with whom you spend the most time. Who are your “five”?


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