57: Michael McIntyre: Getting Real About Business

Are you starting a business or thinking about starting a business, but still have some questions? Michael McIntyre and Jon Fuller are here to help! These two brilliant business men are discussing question asked by fellow listeners and giving tips about starting a business. Tune into today’s episode to hear more about Are You Real Business.

Show Highlights:

  • A little bit about Michael McIntyre
  • Things that most business owners need to know
  • Recommendations for starting your business
  • Thing that Michael and Jon would do differently in their businesses
  • Mistakes the Michael made in his early business days
  • Tips on loaning/giving money
  • What are Mastermind groups?
  • How to use social media to market your business
  • The hardest obstacles in business these two men have faced so far
  • Things Michaels wishes he could do with his business
  • Is it better to grow your business bigger, or keep it small?
  • How you glorify God with your money

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Michael McIntyre


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