Government 16: Prophet to the Nations Keith Ferrante

Today on Are You Real Government Dubb Alexander welcomes Keith Ferrante. Keith is a powerful prophet to the nations, an accomplished author, and a worldwide prophetic trainer.

Keith shares his story about how he started walking in his prophetic gift when he was 22 after God started delivering him from a religious mindset. Through that, he started to shift from the church mountain to the business and government mountain. Now Keith travels the world sharing his gift of past, present, and future prophecy to bring breakthrough to the nations.

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In this episode Keith will explain how you can’t bring something to people, they have to be that something. He will also share his involvement in the restoration of North and South Korea, what the Fathers’ heart is for Germany and speak about the poverty mindset in the world plus much more.

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5 Responses to “Government 16: Prophet to the Nations Keith Ferrante”

By ssmuncii - 27 May 2018 Reply

Cassidyy Atkins, thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

By Sandy Arroyo - 28 May 2018 Reply

Keith is a very strong, powerful and humble man. Thank you for having him.

By Kasey Fuller - 6 September 2018 Reply

It was a great interview. We were honored to have him on!

By Sandy Arroyo - 28 May 2018 Reply

My time is valuable to me, and I spent it on listening to the whole program, and it was absolutely worth it. Thank you.

By Kasey Fuller - 6 September 2018 Reply

Absolutely! Thank you for being part of ROAR nation!

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