Success 03: A Modern Creator Builds a Lifestyle Business with Jacob Breeden

Jacob Breeden is an innovative and creative artist, “a maker of things and a storyteller.” He’s a working builder, sculptor, painter, and entrepreneur. He has over 15 years’ experience in the world of art and holds a BFA in Sculpture from the University of North Texas. Jacob spent his early career as the Education Director of the Amarillo Museum of Art and as the Exhibitions Builder at the Discovery Center.

Jacob is currently the CEO of Process Art House and a founder and operations manager of Modern Creator. He’s a founding member and artist’s liaison of The Collective Heritage Lab and a founder and acting COO of Applied Comprehensive Therapies, LLC. He has won numerous awards and sold works of art to collectors all over the world. He has been commissioned to do work for hospitals, banks, and children’s centers, and he’s developed and installed large-scale projects in Nevada, Texas, and the UK. Jacob is more than an artist; he’s a modern creator.

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“Even failing quickly and moving on is success. If there’s no failure, there’s no innovation. Failure is part of the fun, in a weird way.”

More in the episode:

  • Jacob’s definition of success
  • Creating a lifestyle business that is self-perpetuating
  • The mistake many entrepreneurs make
  • Making it through the tough times
  • What you create is not always going to be accepted
  • Why success only teaches repetition
  • What keeps Jacob awake at night
  • Habits of success: working hard every day to DO THE WORK
  • Overcoming “creator’s block” to get ideas to flow
  • Jacob’s three sketchbooks: Play, Work, and Grid Paper
  • “What am I feeling, why am I feeling it, and how can I impart that feeling to someone else?”
  • The best lesson Jacob has learned about success: “the myth of the masterpiece”
  • For today, just take another step forward
  • Be true to who you are and your creativity
  • Jacob’s new business model: Modern Creator
  • Not defining your work or success by ONE thing you do


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