Success 01: Building Positive Relationships to Help You Succeed with Four Price

Positive relationships are the best way to build up your success. No matter what your goals in life might be, you will always succeed with the right people by your side. I can’t think of a single person who embodies this principle more than Four Price. By day, Four is a Trust Advisor and VP for Amarillo National Bank, the largest Family-owned bank in the Nation. His other job is a seat serving in the Texas House of Representatives for District 87. While serving the public, Four knows that he must always be searching for the right perspective on some of Texas’ weightiest concerns. No matter if a session has been good or bad, Four manages to accomplish whatever goal he sets before him with the power of perspective.

Listen this week as Four shares his best practices for developing these positive relationships. He will also discuss the importance of family, his passions in life, and the seriousness of commitment. Our interview today will be just the inspiration you need to tackle whatever challenges might lie ahead. Stick to your people, and you’ll always find success.

“It will wear you down if you are always looking for outside validation.”

More in this episode:

  • Four shares his definition of success.
  • Hear all about the recent successful House session, as well as the not-so-good ones.
  • Relationships are the source of wisdom that Four depends upon.
  • Four is candid about the things that concern him.
  • Our children are the source of our greatest joy and greatest worry.
  • Learn the habits that have set Four up for success
  • Keep your trust. Your credibility is a huge asset.

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