Purpose 147: Next Level Training with Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre has been a featured guest on the show many times, and he’s here today to talk about his Next Level Training, which I’ve taken and highly recommend. Michael is a motivational speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur at heart. From serving in the US Air Force, Michael went on to run his own insurance company and develop 247 MedPlan, a nationwide telemedicine company. In his 40’s, he grew tired of running from God and surrendered his life to Christ. He describes the fascinating combination of events that led to the creation of Next Level, a 3-day transformational training to awaken you to what God intends you to be. If you’re struggling and need a new trajectory for your life, then this is the training for you! Michael says, “We don’t just need people to lead; we need great people to lead.” He lives out the truth of John [10:10], believing that we shouldn’t feel bad or guilty to live abundantly in every area of life. Even though fear can hold us back, Michael says that we don’t need a pedigree, but we need the fire of enthusiasm to let the Holy Spirit use our lives. His parting advice is to “Be Jesus to everybody.”Join us to hear more fire and inspiration from Michael!


Michael Mcintyre

NLE Dallas  Find out about Next Level in Dallas, May 3-5. Mention Are You Real for 20% off!

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