Purpose 127: How To Be A Perfect Christian with Kyle Mann


On this episode of Are You Real purpose we talk to Kyle Mann, author of How To Be A Perfect Christian. Kyle is married with 3 boys, and has gone from working in construction to full time writing for The Babylon Lee. Kyle says he enjoys the creative process, but this wasn’t a career path he set out to pursue. In episode 127 we hear about how this transition happened, and talk about his new book. This comical book takes you on a journey of the realization that being a Christ follower is more that what society makes it out to be such as checking the right boxes. Ultimately, the Bee aims to encourage readers to embrace a more biblically rooted understanding of their faith and discover that God has more for them than cultural Christianity could ever offer. You don’t want to miss this episode!




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How To Be A Perfect Christian By: Babylon Lee

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