Linked 15: How To Partner With Peace

Welcome to Are You Real Linked Episode 15. Today we continue our teaching on Luke 10. Specifically, verse 5.

“Whatever house you enter, first say, “Peace be to this house!”

This may be a short verse, but if you dive a little deeper there is so much Jesus is telling us. Christy Austin will guide you through the true meaning of this verse, and what it means for City Takers. She will explain why Jesus tells us to go to peoples houses, and how to find true peace through prayers of thanksgiving and much more.

Being a therapist, Christy sees first hand how the world needs the peace that only God can give. Not temporary peace the world gives.

You will love taking a longer look at this verse. If you are called to be a city taker, we would love to hear how this episode inspires you to transform your city through the act of giving.

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One Response to “Linked 15: How To Partner With Peace”

By Jeff Hallsten - 7 May 2018 Reply

Awesome podcast best one I’ve ever listened to ! Thank you so much! Please pray for me and my daughter Chancey

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