Linked 03: How to Pray

In order to be the real you in faith, you have to know what your identity is in Christ. Over the past few episodes, we’ve been taking a closer look at Luke 10. I believe this passage is our best example of how the apostles were living out their faith linked to the Holy Spirit. After all, that’s what Are you Real: Linked is all about! I want you to be as connected to the Spirit of the Living God as you can be. As followers of Christ, we have a direct link to God through prayer.

Daily prayer is critical if you want to be linked to the Holy Spirit. Cultivating a prayer life is challenging, but not impossible. Today, I am going to show you how Scripture talks about prayer in 2 distinct ways. We’ll break down how parables work, and why the imagery of the harvest is a believer’s call to prayer. I’ll also be sharing with you ways in which prayer has transformed my own life. I know your life will be forever changed by taking the time to pray over the lost souls in your life, as well as for laborers to go out among them. Start here with me, and never look back! Prayer changes lives.

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More in this episode:

  • I share one of the places where I’ve been challenged to demonstrate this Luke 10 faith.
  • The church was called to be people who rise up to take background for the Kingdom.
  • I break down how parables are helpful tools for understanding spiritual matters.
  • We need to ask and beg the Lord to send out laborers into the harvest.
  • Understand the 4 Greek words of prayer.
  • Prayer allows us to be encouraged to go out into the harvest.
  • We can only love well when the Spirit moves in our lives.
  • My prayer challenge to you today.

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