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Purpose 118: Success Without Striving

On today’s episode of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Roger Thompson. Roger talks about his journey from being what the world would consider successful and living the dream, but then realizing that he wasn’t truly content, and happy with the direction his life was headed. Roger says he was chasing success, and his life was full, but his heart was empty. Not only was this lifestyle taking a toll on him it was also taking a toll on his kids, and family as a whole. This is what put Roger on the path to figure out what truly brought him joy. In this interview he shares his journey, and this is why he wrote a book called We Stood Upon Stars that was recently released. This episode will inspire and challenge you to live simple.



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We Stood Upon Stars By: Roger W. Thompson

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Purpose 116: Jack Deere Even In Our Darkness


In this week’s episode of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Jack Deere. Jack has spent years in ministry working in many different capacities including church plants, being a professor, speaker, teacher, and the list goes on. Jack shares his inspiring story of how he grew up in a traumatic home environment, got saved at 17, went on to do ministry until his life was forever changed when his son took his own life the age of 22 due to drug addiction. Jack goes on to share that the beginning years of his ministry were spent seeing God and teaching God as an obligation, and that there were principles that needed to be followed. Jack says when we major in obligations it can lead us to endure God rather than to enjoy God. He says he now realizes that the love of God and experiencing the character of God allows us to have true enjoyment in Him. Jack says, we need to feel His affection, and know Him as friend. This is a truly powerful testimony of how God can transform our lives, and use even the most tragic situations to draw us closer and know Him more deeply.



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Even in Our Darkness By: Jack Deere

Purpose 115: What Your Face Says About You


On today’s episode of Are You Real Purpose we talk to Motivational Speaker, and business coach Jody Holland. Jody has a master’s degree in psychology, and has written over 17 books. His new book Faces of Reality is five years of research in the making. In this book, Jody walks you through the science behind face reading, and breaks it down into five categories. The key areas include; How a person makes decisions, how they project themselves into the world, what hold that person back, how they evaluate themselves, and how they process information. Jody shares how these skills have helped him to communicate not only more effectively, but have helped him in his business to help companies place people in the right positions for success. This is a fun, unconventional interview you won’t want to miss!



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Faces Of Reality By: Jody Holland

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