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Eps 122: Holy Sexuality with Christopher Yuan


On episode 122 we hear from Christopher Yuan. Christopher has been teaching at Moody Bible Institute for over 10 years, has a speaking ministry on Faith and sexuality where he shares at conferences, college campuses, and churches and his message has reached over 5 continents. Christopher is an author if several books, and in this episode we discuss his personal journey and his new book Holy Sexuality and The Gospel. Christopher shares about his own struggles of identity, and how he struggled with his sexuality at a very young age. He dives deep into how he immersed himself in the gay lifestyle until he had a real encounter with God. He shares how he hit his rock bottom, and went from a prison cell to being intentional about living a life of purpose and identity in Christ! There are so many conflicting messages being given in our society today on sexuality, and the consequences of not living according to God’s design. Christopher touches on some very deep issues in our society today. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!


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Holy Sexuality and The Gospel

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Purpose 121: The Life Giving Leader with Tyler Reagin


On episode 121 of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Tyler Reagin. Tyler is the President of a ministry called Catalyst. Catalyst consists of over 100,000 ministries world wide, and they travel around the country to serve Christian Leaders. Tyler says his highest priority is being a husband, and father to his 2 boys ages 8, and 11. Tyler is a host of a weekly podcast called Catalyst, and recently released a book called The Life Giving Leader. Tyler says “How you leas affects people’s faith. The sphere doesn’t matter. As a leader we have a divine directive to lead a certain way, because people’s faith depends on it.” You don’t want to miss this inspiring, and informative interview!




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Linked 22: Restoring A City Through Missions and Prayer with Rachel Freeman


In episode 22 of Are You Real Linked we here from Raechel Freeman. Raechel is a city taker called to the city of Lebanon TN. She shares how her and her husband were called from California to plant a salvation army, and how it can only be done through prayer. Raechel says “Things that are done in prayer have more of the eternal foundation God wants.” She says “structure is always in play when God starts it.” Raechel talks about her family growing up, and how her mother started an inner city school. She has been involved in planting salvation armies since 1999, and has planted them in many different places. She has a passion to see prayer and worship be brought back into what God is doing in and through the salvation army.


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Purpose 120: Balancing Business and Life with Pedro Limas

On this episode of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Pedro Limas who is a successful business owner, husband, and father. He opens up about the up’s and downs of business, and family. Pedro talks about his faith and how it has helped him through many trials, and his journey from stepping out of a “safe haven” big corporation, and becoming an entrepreneur

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Purpose 119: Tips To Avoiding Burnout with Carey Nieuwhof



In this interview with Carey Nieuwhof talks about his journey from lawyer to full time ministry, and his powerful story to ministry burnout. Carey was on the edge of suicide and shares with us his experience and talks about his new book Didn’t See It Coming. In his book, he discusses the 11 warning signs of burn out that we can all avoid. He talks about the 7 challenges we could all face at some point in our lives, and how we overcome or even possibly avoid them all together. Carey is now a pastor, speaker, writer, podcaster who shares his message so others can avoid these pitfalls in life! You don’t want to miss this episode!




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Didn’t See It Coming By Carey Nieuwhof


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