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68: Being a Spiritual Mentor as a Form of Service with Phil Dowdy

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Who is that one person in your life who has always stuck by you? Be it man or woman, everyone needs a spiritual friend and father who will guide us and even just to sit and talk with. In many peoples lives, that person is Phil Dowdy.

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67: A Life Altering Encounter on the Hudson River with Dave Sanderson

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Have you ever seen the movie Sully with Tom Hanks? Our special guest today was on the plane that crashed into the Hudson. Dave Sanderson tells the story of how God prepared him and is still preparing him in this episode of Are You Real. Tune in to hear Dave’s amazing story of how God saved him and is still workmen in his life and others today.

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66: Questions Theologians Aren’t Answering for You with Dr. Mike Heiser

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Do you have many theological questions that nobody seems to be answering for you? You’re not alone. Mike Heiser, our special guest today, has met many people who have questions that pastors and theologians don’t have the answers to, or simply don’t have the time to explain.

61: Remodel Your Life with Jon Fuller and Jody Holland

What brought you to this podcast today? Do you need uplifting? That is exactly why Are You Real is here. Today, Jody Holland is interviewing your very own host, Jon Fuller. Jody and Jon are talking about the book that Jon will be releasing very soon!

“The purpose you have in your life is the story you tell yourself ” ~ Jody Holland

Show Highlights:

  • A little bit about chapter one of Jon’s new book
  • Why we need to forgive
  • What is your purpose?
  • Does your purpose have to be something in the church?
  • A little bit about Jon’s purpose
  • Why you need to have/know biblical truth and beliefs


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