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34: Standing Your Ground with Jackie Carpenter

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Today’s guest is Jackie Carpenter. Jackie is the author, motivational speaker, and executive producer of a multi-award winning featured film based on her life: Stand Your Ground. She is the author of The Bridge and Georgia Justice. Jackie is also the host and executive producer of The Christian View and publisher for The Christian View online magazine.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why Jackie wrote her book
  • Why you need to read her book to really understand what she and her family have gone through
  • How God can take a tragedy and use it for His glory
  • What was going through Jackie’s mind when she thought “Why did God do this?”
  • How God used Jackie’s son to bring people closer to Him
  • What things in Psalms 91 that Jackie declares over her family
  • What happened to Jackie physically and spiritually
  • Why Jackie clings to Psalms 91
  • Why it was a struggle for Jackie to meet with the lawyers
  • Why Jackie has no trouble declaring that she is a faith addict
  • How did Jackie’s family try to go back to ‘normal life’
  • What kind of ‘spiritual warfare’ did Jackie go through
  • What doors did God open for Jackie
  • What Jackie’s biggest weakness is
  • Where can you find Jackie
  • What would Jackie tell her younger self
  • Why Jackie says you should raise your children in church

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Jody Holland

The Christian View

Stand Your Ground Movie

The Bridge by Jackie Carpenter

Georgia Justice by Jackie Carpenter

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33: Glorifying God Through a Fighting Spirit with Dylan Peck

Dylan Peck grew up in a small town and began fighting at an early age. He contracted spinal meningitis at the age of 3 and had his first brush with death. He ended up recovering and learned to walk and talk again. Years went by and Dylan and his family ended up losing their home and possessions in a flood. Later in life, as he was serving the Lord, he was involved in a motorcycle accident. Dylan went into survival mode and ended up losing his leg as a result of the accident. He was born a fighter and he continues to share the how God has been faithful in delivering him from every trial he has encountered. Today, he travels the world speaking and sharing his testimony of God’s faithfulness.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Dylan’s passion: ministry and people
  • Dylan’s work with I’m a Fighter Ministries: He travels, speaks, prays, and fellowships
  • Dylan’s business life that helps fund the ministry
  • An inspirational scripture: II Corinthians [4:17]—“for this light and momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory that is beyond all comparison.”
  • April 2013: motorcycle accident in which Dylan lost a leg
  • The journey to physical and emotional healing
  • The 17 year-old driver and Dylan’s forgiveness
  • Why Dylan focuses on God’s blessings and the future, not the struggles and the past
  • Dylan’s current church ministry in Banning, CA
  • Dylan’s gifts: exhortation and encouraging people, his positive attitude and faithfulness
  • The importance of faithfulness
  • Looking ahead to God’s work in 2017
  • Dylan’s weakness: being a people pleaser and being sensitive to what they think
  • Dylan’s advice to those who don’t love themselves: “Speak life over yourself and your situations; I do this when I tell myself something good about me each day—in the mirror.”
  • What is God stirring in Dylan RIGHT NOW? Missions at home and abroad, and helping others with their spiritual and physical needs
  • The power of your presence in someone’s need—just be there for them
  • A daily habit that contributes to success? “What doesn’t work is doing it all in your own strength. I start each day with worship music, praise and prayer, and reading.”
  • A book that has inspired Dylan? The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero
  • Dylan’s advice to his younger self: “I would go back to when I was a young basketball player and instill some confidence in myself.”
  • Dylan’s parting advice: “You are able. You are loved. The Father who created heaven and earth loves you right where you are, and He wants the best for you.”

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Connect with Dylan:


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32: When Science and Spirituality Collide with Dr. Judy Staveley

Have you ever wondered about how God fearing scientists deal with the issue of spirituality vs science? Or the impact that scientific research could have on the faith of such people? If so, listen in and find out, as Jon Fuller interviews today’s guest, Dr. Judy Staveley, a multi-talented professor of forensic science and a firm believer in the Lord.

Judy is a forensic science author, a speaker and a tri-athlete, who teaches in the Maryland area. She serves as a spokeswoman and an advocate for several biological, health, medicine and forensic science organizations. She is also the CEO of Platform Magazine. She is a national health and fitness expert, who assists in a number of community programs to initiate health in new sports. She’s also part of the USA swimming, USA hockey, USA track and field and the USAT (USA Track Organization) teams.

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Judy’s passion is in educating- she enjoys teaching people about how to take care of the body and also about preventative medicine. She’s enthusiastic about medicine, health and wellness and also about research into cancer.

Today, Judy talks to Jon about:

  • Whether or not scientific research increases her faith.
  • Cancer- what it is and the need for research in that field.
  • How she brings God into her daily work.
  • Platform Magazine and what it’s all about.
  • How she found her purpose in life.
  • How God has shown her patience, to help her through the difficult times.
  • The need to keep on going, when the going gets tough.
  • How positive self-talk can help you deal with stressful times.
  • The chemistry of negativity.
  • The effect of prayer on body chemistry.
  • How she is able to share her faith with her students and colleagues.
  • Her sage advice to you, the listener.


Judy’s website:

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31: Growth Conference Preview with Jody Holland

My good friend Jody Holland is back today for this special episode!

Jody is hosting a Growth Conference in Amarillo, TX on January 27th. It’s going to be a wonderful event with lots of speakers, including me! So Jody is here today to talk about the conference and why you should attend.

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Jody and Jon discuss the speakers and topics at the Growth Conference, including:

  • Fun with faces and why Jody does it
  • How to inspire others to want your idea, rather than selling your idea
  • 85% of all problems that exist in business relate to failed or lack of communication
  • Listening is the best way to be a great communicator
  • Learn the 4 things that make a great listener
  • Thinking outside the box and dealing with limitations – Jacob Breeden
  • Strategies to deal with high-stress levels – Brady Clark
  • The quiet giant – AJ Contreras
  • Managing Mannerisms – Byron Taylor
  • Being your best self – Drake Davidson
  • Authentic leadership – Lisa Blake
  • The power of CAN – Mei Lin
  • Remodeling your life – Jon Fuller


Get details of the events and tickets at:

The Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino

The Square Mile Community Development

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30: A Fresh Perspective on New Year’s Goals with Sean Douglas

This week, Jon has the opportunity to sit down with Sean Douglas. Sean has spent his life in the military, building up skills and working towards a noble cause. However, it was not until he surrendered his life to Christ that he began to unearth his real, God-given abilities. As a drill sergeant, public speaker, and writer, Sean uses his gifts to empower and equip others to set goals and achieve their dreams. It is his power and passion that points others towards God and towards their untapped potential.

Get a fresh perspective on your personal goals for the New Year. Sean will take you through inspiring Scripture, his own powerful testimony, and encouraging words to empower you to make amazing changes. Break the old mold of goal-making. Sean doesn’t just look into the “hows” of achieving God-given dreams, but also the “whys.” Why do you want to go where you’re going, or do what you’re doing? And where does God fit into all of it? Sean definitely has some wisdom for you!

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This week in the “Are You Real? Podcast;”

  • Sean discusses his book, Decisions: The Power to Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors 
  • See how Sean currently empowers and equips members of God’s kingdom
  • Learn how to Withstand hardship, recover from it, and grow
  • Training is derived from positive psychology.
  • Learn the difference between the “Old” way of creating goals, and the “New” method.
  • What is a “Throat-Punch Goal,” and how can it change your life?
  • Change your mindset from “God is against me,” to “God is for me.”
  • See how Deployment showed Sean his need to surrender to God.
  • Surrendering to God allowed Sean to develop skills.


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