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49: Having It All and Losing Everything with Pete Sanchez

Have you ever felt very successful and then everything falls apart? Maybe at the time, God was using this to grow your faith and trust in Him but you didn’t realize it. That is exactly what God did for businessman Pete Sanchez. Listen to today’s episode to hear more about Pete and what God has done in his life.

Pete Sanchez is a successful real estate investor and has more than 11 years of business success in network marketing. He’s an internationally recognized speaker and enjoys living a life on fire for Jesus!

Show Highlights:

  • How the things Pete did as a child built a strong foundation for him now
  • How a friend’s persistence helped Pete grow closer to God
  • What happened to Pete when he became successful, then “crashed”
  • What had to happen for Pete to realize that he needed God
  • When did Pete find what he felt he was created to do
  • How you can minister in business
  • How has the gospel changed Pete’s business perspective?
  • Key points Pete found in the book of Acts
  • What Pete would tell his younger self

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How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki


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48: Escaping Religion with Jeremy Shuck

What is spiritual pride? Could it be affecting you? You would probably say no right away, and that’s what Jeremy Shuck did when he was younger. Little did Jeremy know, that it would change his life. Join us to hear Jeremy’s awesome story of his journey to ministry.

Jeremy’s Bio:

Jeremy Shuck is one of those guys that just loves the presence of God and wants to throw a party for Jesus everywhere he goes. His favorite thing in the world is to talk about the Man-Jesus in a way that causes people to encounter the real God Who is kinder than they ever thought possible. He is a pastor at Upper Room Santa Barbara, part owner of a boutique hedge fund called Kings Crown Capitol, and Recording Artist.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why Jeremy and his wife and kids left Dallas Texas
  • Where Jeremy is at right now in his ministry
  • What Jeremy’s “life verse” is
  • How do you “shine”?
  • When and how Jeremy really get into ministry
  • What is spiritual pride?
  • Jeremy’s story
  • The spiritual leaders who helped Jeremy grow
  • What Jeremy feel his biggest strength is
  • What Jeremy’s biggest weakness is
  • What would Jeremy tell his younger self



Jeremy Shuck

The Unseen Realm – Micheal Heiser

Reversing Hermon – Micheal Heiser


R U Real

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