69: You are Exactly Where God Wants You Even When You Don’t Feel It with Michael McGreevy

Have you ever gone through a time where everything just feels so dark? In those times, it is difficult not to ask why God has left you, but you are right where he wants you at all times. God has a plan from all of us. Today’s guest, Michael McGreevy, has been in a place like that too, but, with God’s help, he climbed out of that hole and is now coaching other men in similar situations. Listen to this episode to learn more about Michael and his journey.

God loves you exactly how you are

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • A little bit about Michael and what he does
  • Hard times that Michael had to go through
  • How God led Michael out of these trials
  • How little things that someone says or does can change your life
  • What to do when and after you find your purpose
  • Michael’s biggest strengths and weaknesses
  • What Michael is working on now
  • What Michael would tell his younger self
  • Parting advice from Michael


Are You Real

McGreevy Leadership

The True Measure of a Man by Richard E. Simmons


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3 Responses to “69: You are Exactly Where God Wants You Even When You Don’t Feel It with Michael McGreevy”

By Diana Hochhausen - 29 September 2017 Reply

I am presently completing my Life Coach Certification through The Life Coach School. I found it very interesting that you were wondering if there was a female out there who would be doing what Michael McGreevy is doing with men! Well, that is my intention, however, when I approached the people at the school about Women’s true identities in Christ being my niche’, they were not sure what to do with that. I may not be ready yet to put myself out there, but I know that helping women walk in their true identities is what God has called me to. I will be doing it soon! I actually have been doing it, leading Bible Studies for women for the last 18 or so years!

By Josephine - 4 February 2018 Reply

Hi, I’m trying to go to the McGreevy Leadership website, and it looks like it’s incomplete or hijacked. Lots of fake pages. When you click on a link to find out more in order to get more info about the coaching classes he mentions in the podcast, another window opens and directs you to a weird website. This is just not looking legit or representing him and his business well. I’d like to know more about his life coaching options and groups, but am not able to when I go to his website.

By Kasey Fuller - 21 September 2018 Reply

Hello! Thank you for letting us know. I just updated that link, and it should be take you to his site. Thank you again for listening, and for being part of ROAR nation.

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