65: From Prison to Purpose and Praise with Phillip Juarez

Phillip Juarez was a normal person just like you and me until a terrible accident left him in the hospital. Phillip then turned to drugs and alcohol to try and fill up the empty spaces inside of him. After being arrested, and hurting many people, he began writing and rapping music, making a name for himself: Kilo Brown.

God’s going to use you one day, be ready – Phillip Juarez

Show Highlights:

  • What Phillip is doing now
  • A little bit about Phillips past
  • The moment Phillip realized he needed God
  • How Phillip got back into music after being saved
  • Phillip Juarez’s biggest strengths and weaknesses
  • Where is God leading Phillip
  • Daily habits that allow Phillip to have a solid walk with Jesus
  • What Phillip would tell his younger self

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