64: How to Change the World By Following Your God Given Calling with Bob Scott

Do you feel that you have a calling? What does that mean exactly? Today, Jon Fuller and his special guest Bob Scott are talking about the true meaning of a “calling” and how you can change the world, with God by God.

Every crisis is an opportunity – Bob Scott

About Bob:

Bob Scott is a senior advisory leader for Joseph Company Global, with diverse experience in multiple sectors – business, technology, financial, sports, entertainment and non-profit organizations.

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Show Highlights:

  • Bob’s background
  • What it means to have a calling
  • What Bob did when he hit a fork in the road of his life
  • Different people’s views on church
  • History and the Bible/church
  • Is there a fine line between Christian and secular
  • Bob’s strengths and weaknesses
  • How God is working in Bob’s life right now



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