54: Just Take a Step with Jon Fuller

What path does the Lord have you on currently? How do you know if this is what God has planned for you? These are all amazing questions that can be answered by looking into and listening to God’s Word. In today’s podcast, Jon is teaching from Psalm 1[19:10]5, about how God’s word is a lamp and a light, but you have to allow Him to show you the way.

Show Highlights:

  • How God used Jon’s wife to show him that he was wrong
  • What other people can show you about yourself and how
  • Is your sin worth what you are going through?
  • How Jesus is like a lamp
  • The choice you have to make when it comes to being a light in the darkness
  • How you can apply the Gospel to your life
  • Do you struggle with jealousy?
  • Have you found your path?
  • The story of the start of Are You Real Podcast
  • How you can allow the Lord to take you from good to great

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