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77: Finding Your Spiritual Calling in Business with Michael McIntyre

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Let’s talk business! In a special edition of the Are You Real podcast, I wanted to take a step back from our usual topic of “purpose” and dive into a different arena. If I am going to take advice from anyone, especially business advice,

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76: Freedom to be Who You Already Are with Rebekah Lyons

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Do you believe that God has uniquely gifted you to bring about his glorious kingdom on earth? What’s holding you back? Whether it is fear, insecurity, mental illness, or environmental pressures, we face so many challenges on our way to discovering God’s will for our lives. Yet, His will is the thing we most long for.

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75: Understanding the Languages of God with Mark Batterson

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Have you ever heard the voice of God? That sounds like something we can’t touch—oh that only happens in the Old Testament! Perhaps not so much with burning bushes and pillars of light, but what about a whisper?

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